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Story of our restaurant

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About us

How It All Started: The Adonis Story

In 2015, Dr. Hussein and Dr. Hassane Abdel Hak made the decision to merge delicious Lebanese cuisine with fun and entertainment, and the Dearborn cornerstone of Adonis was born. We all look for places of leisure after work and a place of exquisite Mediterranean food to live the essence of experience. We all need a bit of Adonis.

About us

Adonis is the Difference

A place where food is made with passion, love, & experience

Diversely Delicious Menu

Enjoy a large selection of meat & seafood entrees, salads, desserts, & more

Dine-In Elegance

Sounds of flowing water, a positive ambience, & classy resto experience

Weekend Entertainment

Events, music, & plenty of entertainment for good times & memories


They are ready to treat you

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